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SQA News 19 May 2022

NextGen: HN Learning for Sustainability Webinar

The Learning for Sustainability webinar will be held on Tuesday 24 May. This session will share how Learning for Sustainability can be embedded within NextGen: HN qualifications. We will provide an overview of what Learning for Sustainability is and its purpose within NextGen: HN, alongside how it can be developed in the context of practice and how it may be assessed. The session is aimed at Further Education practitioners and external training providers who may be developing learning, teaching and assessment materials for NextGen: HN qualifications.

Future Webinars:

Bookings are now open for the two remaining Next Generation Higher National (NextGen: HN) webinars taking place in the first half of this year.

The following webinars are:

These are part of a series of webinars aimed at Scottish colleges, employers and training providers, exploring specific elements of NextGen: HN and how we are reshaping our Higher National qualifications for the future.

Limited spaces are available. You can use our online event booking system to book your places now.

If you have not used our online event booking system before, you will need to register as a new user. Attendees will receive a CPD certificate.

If you have any enquiries about the webinars, please call our Events team on 0345 213 5580 or email

More information:

You can find out more about the background, purpose and benefits of NextGen: HN on our short e-learning module on SQA Academy:

SQA Academy – What is NextGen: HN?