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Data and Certification

During the pilot phase of NextGen: HN, the Data & Certification project team are here to provide support throughout the candidate entry, results, and certification process.

Candidate entries can be processed through your preferred data submission method, such as through your Management Information System or SQA Connect – Candidate Services. Please note, Group Awards cannot be resulted using data submission methods.

Alternatively, SQA have created a SharePoint site where Group Award results can be transferred to SQA securely. However, unit results must still be processed via normal data submission methods. 

NextGen: HN Group Awards are graded using Achieved, Achieved with Merit or Achieved with Distinction and grades are provided by the delivering colleges.

We will provide access and demonstration workshops on the above pages in due course.

If you would like to be contacted for the demonstration workshops or have any queries on Next Gen: HN Data & Certification, please contact