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Co-ordinator Update 31 August 2022

NQ Appeals 2022

As we enter the final week of Appeals 2022 submissions, we wanted to take an opportunity to summarise key aspects of the service and upcoming dates for your consideration. We have recently passed the deadline for learners to submit all appeals and for centre to submit and progress priority appeals. However, the service is still open to centres for all other appeals until 5 pm on Friday 2 September.


Appeals 2022 overview

Appeals must be submitted, progressed and digital evidence uploaded by centres by 2 September. Physical evidence must be ready for uplift on 7 September for Higher and Advanced Higher and 12 September for National 5.

The Appeals 2022 service involves the following:

Appeals 2022 provides the learner with the opportunity to show their full capabilities, outwith their external exam performance, by having their centre assessment evidence considered.

To be eligible for submitting an appeal, the learner’s centre assessment evidence needs to support their estimate, which is higher than the awarded grade. As a result, the Appeals 2022 service does not include a standalone clerical check or marking review of exam scripts or specific components. 


Appeals evidence

Although it is not necessary to provide assessment evidence for every aspect of the course content, alternative valid evidence for the skills, knowledge and understanding assessed in all question paper components must be provided. For example, in Higher English we would require centre assessment evidence for both question papers that would be considered alongside the folio SQA already holds. As a reminder, any externally-assessed coursework will be presented to SQA appointees for review. Coursework gathered over time is likely to be the learner’s best work, and centres are not expected to provide alternative coursework evidence.   

When providing digital assessment evidence please ensure each document is scanned separately with file names that identify the content of the document and do not contain any special characters, including commas, as this may prevent the file from successfully uploading. Evidence should be scanned in the correct order with no missing pages.

Please refer to the Appeals 22 Information for Centres on SQA Connect for further information about evidence to be submitted in support of appeals, including subject-specific evidence submission guidance.


Appeals outcomes

Following an appeal, grades can go up or stay the same. However, there is also a very small chance that a grade could go down. This would only be in the event of a clerical check identifying an error that reduces the original certificated grade, and the centre evidence not supporting the original certificated grade. Please note that appeals outcomes are final.  

We will confirm the outcome of priority appeals to centres on Monday 5 September, and will notify UCAS by Tuesday 6 September.

The results of all other appeals are scheduled to be issued to centres by the end of October 2022, with revised results updated on MySQA by mid-November 2022 and certificates then posted to learners. It may be necessary to extend these dates, depending on the volume of requests we receive. We will keep centres informed if this happens.


Further information and support

Appeals 2022: Information for Centres provides full details of the appeals service for this year and is available on SQA Connect. 2022 National Qualification Appeals: System User Guide is also available on SQA Connect and provides you with detailed instructions, including screenshots, on how to access and use the system, create and submit an appeal, accept the user terms and conditions and submit evidence to support the appeal. 

If you or your colleagues require any additional support with, or have queries about, Appeals 2022, please contact the Appeals Service Helpdesk at or on 0345 213 6612 (select option 4).

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring that the hard work of Scotland’s learners continues to be recognised in 2022.