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Policies - reminder

As we communicated to centres on 12 August, SQA approved centres must provide us with additional policies, which will be reviewed during Systems Verification activity.
These policies are fundamental to ensure centres operate in line with SQA values and our strategy/directive as a non-departmental government body. It is imperative that our centres have these policies in place and enforce them robustly.
We request that all centres provide us with their policies on the following topics:
Centres who did not have these policies in place, were required to develop, implement and share these with us by 1 September 2022.
Centres with access to SQA Centre Hub can upload these documents directly to the shared Quality Assurance (QA) area. This will allow our Systems Verifiers to review as and when your centre is allocated a Systems Verification activity.
Centres who do not have access to the SQA Centre Hub, can request access by emailing with the name of the person requesting access and their email address.
Our QA teams can provide one-to-one support for the use of the SQA Centre Hub if required – you can request this by emailing