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NextGen: HN Pilot Centre Update

Important Group Award/Unit Changes

We will update you on any important changes which have been made to NextGen: HN Group Awards or respective units throughout pilot delivery. Feedback and suggested changes will be reviewed and actioned at different stages of pilot delivery, depending on the nature and significance of the change. We do not anticipate significant changes to the protype Group Awards or units during pilot delivery. In most circumstances, changes will be recorded and retained to be implemented at an agreed point. 

Changes to note:  

HNC TV – The unit J6DP 48 Scriptwriting has been added to HNC TV GT1L 47 as an optional unit. APS has been updated accordingly.  

HNC Physical Activity and Health – The unit Preparing to Work in the Physical Activity and Health Industry has been recoded from the old unit code J6EB 47 to the new unit code J6T2 47.  

Please note: recoding of units will only take place in exceptional circumstances.