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Co-ordinator Update 14 December 2022

CD requirements request form

If you have candidates entered for Cantonese, French, German, Gaelic (Learners), Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, Urdu, Gàidhlig, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Music or Music Technology, you will need to request audio CDs for the exam.

The CD requirements request form will be emailed to you week beginning Monday 16 January 2023 and must be returned no later than Monday 20 February 2023.

When completing your request for audio CDs, you must only request the exact number of CDs that you require, and you must only request CDs for subjects in which you have candidate entries. CDs with 25% extra time built in are only available for candidates with an approved extra time assessment arrangement, and a maximum of one CD per candidate must be requested.

We are aware that some of you no longer have the equipment to use CDs – you must indicate this on the form, and we will deliver your audio files electronically.