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SQA News 19 January 2023

Learning for Sustainability survey

The Scottish Government has set an ambitious target to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2045. The transition to a low carbon and net zero economy will reshape how the economy and society work, and will change how all of us live every day and the work we do. To enable everyone to think and behave more sustainably, and help create a better world, a wide range of values, skills and knowledge for all sectors at all levels – in every organisation, private or public – will be needed.   

The rapid and significant change we all face means that the goal is for learners to understand sustainable development across interconnected social, economic, environmental and cultural elements, and for them to be confident in applying the values, skills, knowledge and mindset they have gained to their careers and lives.  

To help achieve this, SQA has committed to identifying opportunities for developing the values, skills and knowledge of Learning for Sustainability (LfS) within all new and revised qualifications in line with Scottish Government policy (Recommendation 14, Vision 2030+), and is exploring different ways in which to do this. One such way has been to put in place an LfS design principle to ensure that it is integrated into the design and implementation of our NextGen: HND pilot programme qualifications. To facilitate this, we are providing on-going support for qualification development teams (QDTs) and pilot centres.  

Other ways would be to directly develop sustainability-related content and assessment, and to establish sustainability-related practices within a qualification. One idea we are currently considering is to develop a Professional Development Award in Environmental Sustainability at SCQF level 7. To establish the level of interest across SQA centres in this qualification – for employers and employees wishing to enhance their knowledge, skills and experience, or for those wishing to pursue a career in this field – we have created an online survey. We would, therefore, appreciate if you could please take a few minutes to answer the questions in the survey.

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