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SQA News 26 January 2023

Launch of Centre Hub 2023

The redesigned Centre Hub 2023 will launch on Thursday 2 February.

Please note, existing Centre Hub log in credentials will be valid for the new hub and any existing documents uploaded via the Shared QA function will be automatically transferred over to a folder called 'Quality Assurance Documentation' within your centre document library.

New features include:

To ensure we maintain the two-week lead time for evidence to be uploaded and reviewed by your External Verifier, the existing hub should be used for qualification verification events up to and including Wednesday 15 February. For any qualification verification events following this date, please use the newly launched Centre Hub 2023 to upload your evidence.

From Thursday 2 February, we will remove the old Centre Hub from the SQA Info Centre and replace it with the new Centre Hub 2023. If you have any additional evidence to upload for an ongoing qualifications verification event, please email to advise.

Details of training and supporting guidance will be provided in the Coordinator Update later this month.

If you would like to sign up for the Centre Hub, please contact HNVQ Operations at