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Co-ordinator Update 31 January 2023

Invigilator recruitment 2023

Invigilators play an important role in maintaining the quality of qualification assessment. Recruitment of invigilators for the 2023 exam diet is well under way. We understand that you may still be sourcing additional invigilators and are keen to offer support to complement your own efforts to strengthen your invigilation teams. In addition to sharing posts across our social media channels, we have produced a toolkit for centres to help with recruitment. The toolkit includes suggested messaging and images that may be helpful if you choose to promote your recruitment via social media, emails or newsletters.

For our social media activity, we are directing potential respondents to a new expression of interest form to be completed and submitted to us. The form asks for a preference of local centres (a minimum of one to a maximum of three). We will send these invigilator leads to the chosen centre(s), at which point you are asked to contact them directly. If we send you invigilator leads that you do not require, please let us know and we will redirect the enquiry.

If you have any questions about invigilator recruitment, or you would like further assistance, please contact