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SQA News 2 February 2023

SQA publishes 2022-2025 Gaelic Language Plan

We have published our revised 2022–2025 Gaelic Language Plan, in accordance with the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005, which recognises Gaelic as an official language of Scotland.

The plan shows commitment for Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s National Gaelic Language Plan (2018–2023), that ‘Gaelic is used more often, by more people and in a wider range of situations’.

The publication of SQA’s new plan follows a consultation which was carried out to ensure its aims and objectives meet the needs of all stakeholders, from learners, teachers and lecturers to employers and training providers. The results of the consultation resulted in three high level aims for the next three years:

A variety of actions are included in the plan, such as:

Fiona Robertson, SQA Chief Executive, said ‘SQA continues to raise the status and profile of the Gaelic language and create practical opportunities for its use. We are proud to provide a range of Gaelic qualifications suitable for everyone from learners to fluent speakers, that not only develop language skills, but also incorporate musical, cultural, historical and vocational elements.’

View the 2022–2025 Gaelic Language Plan