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SQA News 2 February 2023

Alternative venue for external assessment

We need to know in advance if a candidate needs to sit an external assessment at a venue which is not an approved centre, either within or outside Scotland. This allows us to consider the request and to ensure that the appropriate examination stationery, question paper, and a trained SQA-appointed invigilator are in place.

To seek approval for an alternative venue, please complete and submit an Alternative Venue Request form to the Assessment Arrangements team. The form and all guidance can be found on the exam support and forms page of our website. Completed forms can be submitted to

All requests for an alternative venue must be submitted by 13 March 2023. On approval of your request, a written response will be sent to both the SQA co-ordinator and appointed invigilator. 

If you have any queries, or require any further information, please contact the Assessments Arrangements team on 0345 213 6890.