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SQA News 2 February 2023

Latest Understanding Standards materials

Our wide range of Understanding Standards materials explain and illustrate the standards required in SQA assessments.

We regularly review and update these materials to ensure they remain relevant and useful, and we are continuing to publish new materials throughout session 2022–23 where needed.

We have recently published the following new materials:

Drama: National 5 performance and question paper – webinar and Q & A

An overview of the standards required for assessment of the National 5 Drama performance and question paper with an accompanying Q & A document.

Practical Electronics: National 5 case study

A resource highlighting good practice in the practical activity with comments relating to candidate evidence and observations from visiting verification.

Access these materials

These new materials will help you to strengthen your own understanding of the national standards required in assessments, so you can feel more confident about preparing your learners.

You can access the Drama webinar and Q & A from our Understanding Standards website at

You can access the Practical Electronics case study from the Understanding Standards section of the SQA Secure website. You can arrange access through your SQA co-ordinator. Please store these materials securely (for example, in a password-protected folder) and treat them as confidential.

View all our latest Understanding Standards resources.