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Co-ordinator Update 29 March 2023

Verification update

The NQ Verification team will be available to provide support and guidance following the publication of verification outcomes.

Should your centre receive a 'Not Accepted' decision following verification activity, we will email further information on what to do next. If you require any assistance about verification outcomes, please contact the team on 0345 213 6766 or

All follow up materials for ‘Not Accepted’ verification decisions must be submitted as soon as possible, and by no later than Friday 16 June 2023. This will allow follow up verification to take place in time for August certification to proceed for any holds which are resolved.

Round 2 verification materials submission

We are pleased to confirm that you can upload candidate evidence and supporting documentation digitally to SQA Connect. The digital upload system is now open for submission and will close on Thursday 20 April 2023. The guidance for this system is on SQA Connect.

The physical uplift of verification materials for round 2 will take place on Tuesday 25 April 2023. Information on constructing your verification sample can be found in your verification distribution material, which you will receive between Wednesday 29 and Friday 31 March if your centre is selected for verification.

If you require assistance concerning verification activity, please contact the NQ Verification team on 0345 213 6766 or

If no uplift has taken place on Tuesday 25 April or, if you have any other problems or questions regarding uplift or packaging of materials, please contact us immediately on 0345 213 6612 (option 2) or

NQ verification approvals update

Approval for National Qualifications 2023–24

Qualification approval is an important process for both centres and SQA. It ensures that a centre has the staff, reference materials, learning materials, assessment materials, equipment and accommodation needed to deliver, assess and internally verify a qualification. We also need to ensure that conditions of assessment for external assessments are understood and will be met.

You can view a list of the qualifications your centre is approved to deliver on (under ‘Qualifications – Approved Groupings or Approved Units’) and in Navigator on SQA Connect.

Details of the requirements for approval are available on the specific qualification’s web page.

The deadline for approval applications is 30 September 2023. Certification in 2024 cannot be guaranteed if applications are received after this date. If you do not seek approval, or are unsuccessful in your approval application, you will not be able to enter and result candidates for the qualification, even if delivery is underway.

Completing the approval process before delivery has started is in the best interest of centres, SQA and candidates.

NQ approval forms, covering all types of National Qualifications and including a section on external assessment, are available on SQA Connect. You will find them under the section ‘Forms for centres delivering National Qualifications’.

If you have any questions, or need advice on completing your approval application, please contact your SQA Business Development Account Manager.

Schools have auto-approval for many qualifications but must apply for approval for qualifications that are not auto-approved. Training providers must submit approval applications for all qualifications they intend to deliver for the first time. Colleges can use their devolved authority for approval.

The following units/subject are not auto-approved:

Please note that Practical Metalworking – National 5 and Practical Woodworking – National 5 are now auto-approved for schools. Training providers will continue to submit approval applications for these qualifications for the first-time delivery. Colleges can use their devolved authority for the approval.

* Please note that freestanding units which were formerly part of the National Courses marked with an asterisk are also non-auto-approved. The requirements for approval to deliver these units are the same as those for the courses (as shown on the subject pages on the website).