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SQA News 27 April 2023

New NPA Digital Passport qualifications

We are pleased to advise that our new National Progression Awards, titled ‘Digital Passport’, are now available at SCQF levels 4, 5 and 6.

The development of these awards came about following a review of some of our existing digital qualifications and the feedback we received from practitioners.

View our blog post on revisions to Digital qualifications.

These are new qualifications. They do not replace the existing Digital Passport qualifications (GJ7W 44, GJ7X 45 and GJ7Y 46), which have recently been revised and are now titled ‘Digital Literacies’.

The new Digital Passport NPAs have the following group award codes: GV1K 44 (SCQF level 4), GV1K 45 (SCQF level 5) and GV1K 46 (SCQF level 6). They consist of existing units from across the Computing and Digital portfolios. This allows greater flexibility in the choice and delivery of units, which will support centres to meet individual learner needs.

Please visit our NPA Digital Passport qualification webpage for more details. The Group Award Specification document also provides more information on the frameworks and unit choice options.