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SQA News UK 6 June 2023

SOLAR enhancements

We will shortly be updating SOLAR, SQA's digital assessment system, to improve the process of entering and resulting candidates for centres.

The update will ensure candidate data is automatically transferred between SQA Connect and SOLAR. This means that – instead of having to enter candidate details on both SOLAR and SQA Connect – centres will only have to enter candidates details once, on SQA Connect. The details will then be automatically transferred to SOLAR.

Likewise, once candidates have completed the assessment on SOLAR, the results will automatically pass to SQA Connect without the need for any further input from centres.

As well as meaning less work for centres, this will also improve the quality and accuracy of candidate data.

This upgrade will be rolled out to centres delivering the following qualifications over the next few months:

We will contact centres offering the above qualifications over the next few months to confirm when the changes are going live.


If you need support or information on SOLAR, you can contact the Digital Services Support Helpdesk. There are several ways you can contact the team:

Our helpdesk is available from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Any breaks in this service will be noted in the ‘Latest updates’ section on the home page of the SOLAR website.