Learning for Sustainability Action Plan 2023-2030

Monday 26 June 2023

SQA welcomes the publication of the refreshed Learning for Sustainability Action Plan 2023-2030 and is committed to continuing to collaborate with partners to ensure that Learning for Sustainability is visible and supported through all new and revised qualifications, where required.

The evidence gathered from young people for this action plan demonstrates that they see Learning for Sustainability as a key element to drive change in the future of the education system and they are asking for bold ambition and the necessary action to make change happen.

Through our work developing the Next Generation of Higher Nationals, we know that learners have an expectation that these qualifications will give them an understanding of sustainability in general, a good grounding in subject-specific sustainability knowledge and skills and the confidence to apply this knowledge and skills to the next stage of their lives.

The subjects we have piloted so far include the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of Learning for Sustainability, engaging with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in sector-relevant contexts.

For example, film and TV programme commissioners now require UK production companies to have albert certification before projects are commissioned. The albert organisation encourages the film and TV industry to improve practices off screen to eliminate waste and reduce carbon production, while building awareness on screen by introducing or highlighting sustainability issues.

Knowledge, skills and evidence reflecting on sustainable TV industry and personal practices are embedded in the Next Generation of HN Television qualifications, in line with the albert requirements. Learning materials developed by albert incorporate sustainability into the qualification and also support continuing professional development for lecturers delivering the qualification.

Find out more about SQA’s Next Generation of Higher Nationals and our Learning for Sustainability work.