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SQA News 24 August 2023

HNVQ assessment from 2023-24

We announced in March 2023 that from 2023-24 onwards we will keep aspects of the Higher National and Vocational Qualifications alternative assessment arrangements which have benefitted learners and centres, while removing the Decision Tree, which was a pandemic measure.

Assessment guidance

We have recently published generic assessment guidance for all qualifications to support the integration of delivery and assessment. We hope this will encourage practitioners to continue to build on the teaching and learning experiences of the last few years.

You can see this guidance on the HNVQ assessment 2023-24 area of our website.

Subject guidance

In June, we published a table on our website showing all the qualifications that will have subject guidance for 2023-24.

We are now in the process of publishing this, and all guidance will be available on the relevant subject webpages by Thursday 31 August.