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SQA News 7 September 2023

Updated assessment materials for National Courses keeping modifications

We have published updated specimen question papers, coursework assessment tasks and unit assessment support packs for courses that are keeping modifications to assessment from session 2023 - 24 onwards.

Links to the updated documents are provided below. Please refer to these versions when preparing your learners for assessment this session.

Applications of Mathematics

Art and Design

Computing Science

The updated Computing Science specimen question papers are based on the 2020-21 question paper resources. We have now removed those resources from our website.


Design and Manufacture



Fashion and Textile Technology



There are no changes to content in the Media coursework assessment task documents. We have changed the ‘valid from session’ dates on the front pages only.


Where to access the documents

Specimen question papers and coursework assessment tasks are available from the NQ subject pages of our website at

The updated Art and Design unit assessment support packs are available from the SQA Secure website. Please arrange access to them through your SQA co-ordinator.

Each document contains a ‘history of changes’ table on the back page that explains the changes we have made.

For more information on the assessment requirements for each course, please refer to the course specification documents, which are also available from