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NextGen: HN news

Meta-skills update

NextGen: HN – Meta-skills for Practitioners 

We have updated the Meta-skills for Practitioners module on SQA Academy.  

This module provides practitioners with a guide to supporting learners to develop their meta-skills within the context of their NextGen qualification. The module offers guidance on the key development areas – understanding self, setting goals and target actions, and reflective practice – and connects them to relevant learner modules.    

NextGen: HN – Meta-skills Profiler 

This resource can help learners record and evidence their engagement in the process of meta-skills development. It provides an opportunity for learners to record their baseline self-assessment and undertake mid-point and end-point progress reviews. Additionally, it offers learners the opportunity to record their goals, set targets and record/reference their reflections.    

This is a prototype resource for testing in academic session 2023-2024. We have produced two versions:   

Other resources:   

You can access the practitioner module and the PDF profiler on our webpage. Here you will also find details of our Ushare page, which highlights a wide range of connected or recommended resources, and links to our SQA Academy learner courses: Introducing meta-skills, Understanding Meta-skills, Developing Meta-skills, and Assessing Meta-skills. These modules can be used in combination with learning and teaching activities or as standalone activities. 

Meta-skills development sessions 

We are currently providing additional support to our pilot centres by offering meta-skills development sessions. These sessions can be attended in-person or online and are covering the practicalities of meta-skills delivery and assessment within NextGen: HN qualifications as well as looking at the learner and practitioner meta-skills resources we have provided and how they could be utilised.