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NextGen: HN news

Grading - the interim position

The review of grading in the NextGen: HN pilot is well underway. Andrew Newman,  Policy and Research Manager for grading in NextGen: HN, gives an update on the progress of the work taking place.  

Grading is among the key changes in the NextGen qualifications, and it’s vital that it’s tested giving us an opportunity to improve on the initial approaches that our pilot centres have been working with. Whole qualification grading should allow pilot centres to recognise learners’ achievement across the course content, in a way that reflects their standard and abilities. 

Over the last six months, we have engaged with a large number of our pilot centres as they come to the end of their first year of delivery. We want to extend our thanks to all the pilot centres that have given up their time to discuss their experiences regarding grading in their NextGen: HN qualifications.  

We’ve almost completed looking at how grading has been received throughout our NextGen: HN qualifications, and remaining qualifications will be completed by the end of this year. Detailed discussion with centres have taken place covering various topics including assessment and grading alongside how the new grading approach has supported this.  

In addition, we’ve been looking at how we can support centres with grading learners’ engagement in meta-skills – and we will be doing the same thing for Learning for Sustainability. 

Interim report and recommendations 

SQA have captured findings on grading in an interim report, which has been reviewed by our internal governance. The interim report captures our current position and makes recommendations for what we want to focus on next, including the following key principles: 

The next few months 

We plan to carry out a lot of work on grading over the coming months, and we want to thank pilot centres for their engagement and support with this work. We look forward to updating you on this progress at future events and in future editions of NextGen News as we set clear principles, establish standardisation processes, and look to embed existing good practice across more qualifications in the pilot.