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SQA News 21 September 2023

Understanding Standards - new Chemistry events announced

We are holding Understanding Standards events for National 5 to Advanced Higher Chemistry on the following dates:

These events will focus on the coursework assessments that are returning for Chemistry courses in session 2023-24.

Booking a place

To book onto an event, please use our online booking system at You will need to sign in or register.

Each Chemistry event is split into morning (am) sessions and afternoon (pm) sessions. If you are booking a place, please select one ‘am’ session and one ‘pm’ session from the following:

am sessions - please choose one:

pm sessions - please choose one:

Additional dates

We will add more Chemistry events to our Understanding Standards programme in the coming weeks, which will be held at different locations. Look out for updates in SQA News.

View the full event and webinar programme

Our full programme of events and webinars is available at