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Co-ordinator Update 29 September 2023

Assessment Arrangements 2023-24

Assessment Arrangements (AA) key dates 

The Assessment Arrangements Request (AAR) system will open on Monday 23 October 2023. This is where you submit AA requests for timetabled exams. The deadlines for submitting AA requests are noted below and are also in the key dates document on SQA Connect.

We will send you an email on Monday 23 October 2023 with your centre enrolment details and a link to the system. Guidance on using the system is available on our secure website.

You can find further information on assessment arrangements on our website.

Guidance updates

We have now updated  Assessment Arrangements Explained: Information for Centres . This provides clarification of the key principles underpinning the provision of assessment arrangements as well as additional guidance on the use of some specific arrangements in SQA assessments.  For example, we have introduced a new section on screen readers and speech recognition software and incorporated guidance on use of a scribe in Modern Languages and Gaelic (Learners). We have also updated the guide for learners and the guide for parents and carers and would encourage you to share these publications.

In addition, we have updated Quality Assurance of Assessment Arrangements in Internal and External Assessments: Information for Centres . Please note that this document replaces the separate guides for colleges and schools.

Please read these documents in conjunction with all other assessment arrangements guidance that is available on our website.  We are also working on Requesting Adapted or Digital Question Papers: Guidance for Centres and the updated assessment arrangements toolkit will publish them on the website before the AAR service opens.

Guidance reminder for deaf learners

Centres should be aware that hearing aids or cochlear implant speech processors are reasonable adjustments for deaf learners. Deaf learners must not be asked to remove these during an exam or assessment.

Removal of the hearing aids/cochlear implant speech processors causes a change in physical sensation in/on their ears as well as a change to their auditory access and sense of the space. This is also a health and safety risk for learners in case of an emergency.

In advance of any external exams or assessments, you should ask learners to unpair any Bluetooth connection they have with their device and that they set their hearing aids to 'flight mode' to disable the Bluetooth connection. 

Please ensure centre staff and invigilators are aware of this in advance of any assessments.