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SQA News 5 October 2023

Update to Workplace Core Skills Communications unit specifications and assessment support packs at levels 4, 5 and 6

We have updated the unit specification and assessment support packs for each of the following qualifications:


  1. Correct guidance on purpose in Task 1: Reading. The key phrase: ‘Worked out the purpose of the document’ was changed to ‘Understood the purpose of the document’.  Clear guidance was given on how learners’ understanding of ‘purpose’ in reading texts is assessed.
  2. Task 1: Reading assessment exemplar texts and learner responses were added that are clearly marked as guidance.
  3. Task 1: Reading evaluation. Clearer guidance of the kind of evaluation that learners must produce and the extent of this at the different levels.
  4. The addition of information clearly stating that all standards for summative assessment are found is assessment checklists and that all standards must be achieved. 
  5. Clearer guidance on how candidates show they have achieved the unit.
  6. Clearer guidance on gathering evidence

The unit and assessment support pack for Workplace Core Skills (SCQF level 3) remain unchanged.