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SQA News 26 October 2023

Assessment Arrangements Request system

The Assessment Arrangements Request (AAR) system opened for registration and requests on Monday 23 October 2023. We emailed SQA co-ordinators with a user ID and security code to register their centre on the AAR system. Please use the registration email from Wednesday 25 October 2023.

SQA co-ordinators must register as a new user the first time you use the AAR system for any requests relating to National Qualifications in 2023 - 24.

Please note the following deadlines for the AAR system:

Guidance update

We have now published the updated version of Assessment Arrangements Request System - A guide for centres on the secure website.

We have seen an increase in the number of assessment arrangements requests in recent years. Following feedback, and in an attempt to limit the time spent submitting requests in the AAR system, we have amended our guidance to clarify the process when using the system.

This includes updated instructions on how to use the AAR system, with clearer structure to the guidance and a new troubleshooting section to help with common queries.

Other requests and deadlines

Instructions on how to submit requests for learners who do not have additional support needs are available on the secure website.

Requests for the following arrangements must be made by completing the relevant spreadsheet available on the secure website and emailed to SQA by 28 March:

These must not be requested through the AAR system. Instructions on where to send the request can be found on each form.

Administration, IT and Accounting

Adapted coursework for Administration and IT and Accounting must not be requested through the AAR system. Requests must be submitted to SQA by email to no later than Wednesday 20 December 2023. 

Visiting assessment

All assessment arrangement requests for visiting assessment must be submitted to no later than Thursday 30 November 2023.