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Co-ordinator Update 31 October 2023

NQ Verification - Evidence Submission Service

The Evidence Submission Service is the platform for submitting evidence digitally and will be available on SQA Connect for 2023-24. This platform allows you to upload candidate evidence and supporting documentation for digital verification. You will also be able to confirm if you will submit digitally or use the physical uplift service.

We strongly recommend use of the Evidence Submission Service as this allows more flexibility for you to submit evidence within the timescales provided, as well as reducing the environmental impact of a physical submission.

The Evidence Submission Service will be open during the following dates:

We will publish updated guidance on SQA Connect in the “User Guides” section before the service opens and before the verification selections are published. The guidance will detail where to find the service, key dates, digital file types accepted and instructions on how to use the service.

If you have any questions about the NQ Verification – Evidence Submission Service you can email the NQ Verification team at