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SQA News 23 November 2023

Evaluation of the 2023 approach to National Qualifications assessment - interviews

We are carrying out a large-scale evaluation of the 2023 approach to National Qualifications assessment which covers all parts of the assessment process. We hope that findings will help us and our successor to make future decisions on a range of matters relating to National Qualifications. Understanding how the system worked in practice and developing a deeper understanding of the views of both learners and practitioners is important to us.

The research is made up of surveys and in-depth interviews. We are currently looking for more participants to complete both the learner and practitioner surveys, which were emailed to SQA co-ordinators on Monday 30 October.

We would like to speak to practitioners who taught National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher qualifications in session 2022 - 23. To ensure a broad range of participants, we are asking that no more than two participants from any one school or college take part in the interviews. Interviews should take approximately half an hour and we can arrange a time to suit the participant. If you are able to find a maximum of two colleagues who would be willing to take part, it would be much appreciated.

Participants can sign up at