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SQA News 30 November 2023

Accounting and Administration and IT - updated ‘resource links’ documents

We have updated the resource links documents for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Accounting, and National 5 and Higher Administration and IT. These documents contain information that provide locations and links to useful documents and online resources.

We previously published these documents on the Understanding Standards website as additional resources during the pandemic. We have now republished them in the ‘course support’ section on each of the following webpages:

About additional resources

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we temporarily published additional resources for sessions 2020 - 21 and 2021 - 22 on our Understanding Standards website, to support teachers and lecturers at that time. We are currently reviewing these resources and removing those that are no longer needed. Where we identify resources that are still relevant and useful for teachers and lecturers, we will republish them in the ‘course support’ section of our NQ subject webpages.