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SQA News UK 5 December 2023

Spotlight on Masterpeace Academy

Regional Manager, Tammy Willett, visited MasterPeace Academy and founder Norma J Banton-Murrain, who are based in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, to find out more about the centre. The centre champion diversity and inclusion, bringing opportunity to those who might otherwise face barriers to entry to the British Jewellery Trade, and are approved to deliver the following SQA qualifications:

MasterPeace Academy has successfully delivered a cohort of Level 3 students and are currently embarking onto the Level 4 qualification (sponsored by the De Beers Group), providing progression pathways to students.

The academy has recently featured at the ‘Dorcas Stories from the Front Room’ exhibition at the Birmingham Mailbox Dorcas Stories from the Front Room – Masterpeace Academy. The exhibition focused on the impact and lives of Birmingham’s Windrush generation, of which Norma’s parents were a part of. Norma has also featured on ITV Central News and ‘Songs of Praise’.

The academy focuses on the traditional aspects of jewellery making such as saw piercing, filing, soldering and polishing, as well as the more technical aspects.

SQA look forward to supporting Norma and her team with future endeavours, and hope to explore our Diploma to Degree pathways with local universities.