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NextGen: HN news

NextGen: HN project update

As the piloting of the next generation of Higher National qualifications (NextGen: HN) continues in session 2023 - 24, we are working to support the future rollout and expansion of the qualifications by ensuring robust business and technology solutions are in place. 

Specifically, we are in the early stages of developing new systems to support NextGen: HN quality assurance, grading, certification and invoicing. 

Arrangements for session 2024 - 25 

For session 2024 - 25, we will continue to use our existing systems and processes to support the expansion of NextGen: HN delivery, while the process of developing the new systems progresses in the background. 

To ensure a manageable expansion of NextGen: HN in 2024 - 25 which is within the capabilities of our existing systems, both in terms of candidate numbers and the associated quality assurance activity required, we will allow an increased pilot delivery in a limited number of subject areas. We will provide details of these subject areas and how centres can apply to pilot soon as possible.

The new systems, once in place, will enable a greater scale of rollout of the qualifications after session 2024-25. 

More information 

We will continue to include progress updates on our website and in our quarterly newsletter – NextGen: HN News

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support as we continue developing and implementing our NextGen: HN qualifications. 

If you have any questions, please email