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Co-ordinator Update 15 December 2023

Round 1 verification materials uplift

We issued round 1 verification selection emails on Monday 4 December 2023. These included information on submitting candidate evidence. We also confirmed that the digital evidence submission platform (NQ Verification – Evidence Submission) for uploading candidate evidence and supporting documentation for digital verification is available on SQA Connect until Thursday 11 January 2024. This platform will allow you to confirm whether you are submitting digitally or using the physical uplift.

Guidance for the NQ Verification Evidence Submission platform is available on SQA Connect under the ‘User Guides’ section.

We strongly recommend use of the Evidence Submission Service as this allows more flexibility for you to submit evidence within the timescales provided, as well as reducing the environmental impact of a physical submission.

If your centre is planning to submit materials for verification via physical uplift, packages should be ready for collection by our courier on Wednesday 17 January 2024. You can find information on constructing your verification sample in your verification distribution material which your centre will receive from Friday 15 December 2023, if you have been selected for verification.

If no physical uplift has taken place on Wednesday 17 January 2024 or if you have any questions regarding uplift or packaging of materials, please contact SQA immediately on 0345 213 6612 (option 2) or

If you require assistance with verification activity, please contact the NQ Verification team on 0345 213 6766 or