Centre information

SQA procedures and arrangements for assessment, candidate malpractice, centre malpractice, verification and appeals.

For Centres: The Appeals Process

For Centres: Malpractice

SQA’s procedures for cases of malpractice, explains our definition and describes the arrangements to put in place to minimise the malpractice risk.

Guide to Data Exchange (October 2018)

A guide for the exchange of data between SQA and centres. The Guide to Data Exchange should be used in conjunction with Delivering National Qualifications – Guide for SQA Co-ordinators.

Internal verification: a guide for centres

Support for centres offering internally assessed qualifications.

Assessment: A Guide for Centres offering Regulated Qualifications

Develop best practice in the development and conduct of assessment for regulated qualifications - based on SQA’s principles of assessment.

Coursework Authenticity - a Guide for Teachers and Lecturers

An overview of the area of authenticity, plagiarism and collusion, and how it applies to coursework that is submitted to SQA for marking.

Guide to Assessment

Support for everyone who assesses SQA qualifications - based on our principles of assessment.

Catalogue of National Qualifications