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SQA is committed to using plain English.

We try to make our publications as easy and straightforward to understand as we can, and try to avoid all unnecessary jargon. If there’s any language in any of our publications that you feel is hard to understand, or could be improved, please e-mail:

For more detailed guidance on plain English, and on SQA's house style, please see our style guide Writing for SQA below.

Writing for SQA

Writing for SQA is for everyone in the organisation. Whether you are writing a letter, a report, an assessment item, or a promotional e-mail — this guide is for you. It includes most of the content from the previous edition but the sections have been re-ordered and several new subsections added.
Part A: SQA’s house style covers the words we have to use when we talk about what we do, how to spell the various words we use most often, and how we use capital letters.
There are a number of reasons why we have this set of rules. The most important are:
Part B: Guidelines on using plain English starts with the very general picture — what to do before you even start writing — and works its way down to the specifics of paragraphs, sentences, and words.
If there’s anything in this guide that you don’t understand, or if there’s anything you think has been missed out, please e-mail:
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