Any time is the right time to write, any place the right place to imagine. Authors of all ages and stages are making their voices heard. Creativity is a process, not an event. Nations, like notions, exist only in the mind till they’re put down on paper to caper.

Nations have borders but imaginations know no bounds. A pen or a PC is the passport to pastures new. Scotland is a small country with a big culture and a cutting edge that knows no age or wage barrier. The only backgrounds that matter for makars are literary. New writers are a novelty that never wears off as long as they’re nurtured and noted and made to feel needed as they take small steps towards the big picture.

From ‘nae hair to grey hair’, new writing needs a page, a stage, a platform to strut its stuff, needs new readers and fresh outlets. Talent has to be showcased, shown off, shown round. The ‘Write Times’ anthology is a case in point. A small nation, Scotland has given birth to big literature because of the space given over to imagination, the right to roam from the Highlands to Lowlands, from primary to tertiary, from infancy to infinity.

With a National Theatre now a reality new Scottish drama will punch above its weight and play its part in the forging of an ever-expanding notion of nation. The playwriting on display in ‘Write Times’ shows that the future is in safe hands. This small country has been put on the map chiefly because of the bravery and brilliance of its writers and artists for their sterling work.

It’s the right time to recognise writers as a national treasure, from the tiniest gemstone to the biggest diamond. New writing, like new citizens, has to be welcomed with open arms. These are the right times to be thinking big.

Professor Willy Maley