SQA and its predecessor bodies share a long history of commitment to fairness for all, including learners, and of considering carefully how best to ensure that it is made a reality. As both a regulator and awarding body, SQA is committed to equality of opportunity and to a culture that respects difference. We believe that, as an employer and public body, we can play a leading part in promoting equality and diversity more widely. We recognise that equality of access to education is crucial in unlocking many significant opportunities in life, and we are acutely aware of our responsibility to uphold both; fairness for learners and the credibility of Scotland’s qualifications system.

Our equalities work is driven not only by legislative requirements but also by recognition of the diverse needs of the communities across Scotland. We aim to ensure these needs are taken account of and reflected in all our activities.

Please visit our equality web page to find out more about our commitment to equality and how we continue to strive to make improvements, where needed, in the qualifications and services we offer.