Assessment Exemplars

Your centre's SQA Co-ordinator will have access to Assessment Exemplars on SQA's secure website. Please approach them for copies.

HN Assessment Exemplars
Title Unit Number Code Edition Download
CAD: 2D 1 DW1E 34 CB3410 April 2007 CAD: 2D 1 Exemplar
CAD: 3D Modelling DW13 34 CB3306 November 2006 CAD: 3D Modelling Exemplar
CAD:Feature-Based Modelling 1 DW19 34 CB2939 1st Edition, February 2007 CAD:Feature-Based Modelling 1 Exemplar
CAD: Graphical Design DW1C 34 CB2950 July 2006 CAD: Graphical Design Exemplar
CAD: Principles DW16 34 CB3235 Version 1, February 2007 CAD: Principles Exemplar
CAD: Systems Management DW1A 35 CB3241 August 2006 CAD: Systems Management Exemplar
CAD User Systems DW14 34 CB2949 1st Edition, October 2006
CAD: Visualisation, Rendering and Presentation DW18 34 CB3098 August 2006 CAD: Visualisation, Rendering and Presentation Exemplar
Design Methodology DW17 34 CB3234 1st Edition, October 2006