Student and Tutor Guides

Your centre's SQA Co-ordinator will have access to these HN student and tutor guides on SQA's website. Please approach them for copies.

Title Unit Code Publication Edition
Animal and Plant Cell Culture - An Introduction DH2H 34 CB3427 1st Edition, October 2006
Animal Biology 1 DP4L 34 CB3428 1st Edition, October 2006
Biochemistry: Theory and Practice DH2J 34 CB3386 1st Edition, September 2006
Biomedical Investigations DP4R 35 CB3429 1st Edition, December 2006
Biotechnology: An Introduction DJ00 34 CB3389 1st Edition, October 2006
Cell Biology: Theory and Practice DJ1K 34 CB3351 1st Edition, September 2006
DNA Molecular Techniques DJ6X 35 CB3432 1st Edition, October 2006
DNA Structure and Function DJ6Y 34 CB3385 1st Edition, September 2006
Fundamental Chemistry: Theory and Practice DH2K 34 CB3349 1st Edition, September 2006
Genetics DP4P 34 CB3433 1st Edition, October 2006
Immunotechnology Theory and Practice DH2M 35 CB3435 1st Edition, October 2006
Instrumental Techniques Theory and Practice DH54 35 CB3436 1st Edition, January 2007
Medicinal Chemistry DP4W 35 CB3437 1st Edition, November 2006
Presentation Skills in Science DG70 34 CB3390 1st Edition, September 2006
Quality and Health and Safety Systems in Science Industries DF82 34 CB3353 1st Edition, September 2006
Science Industries Key Issues DP9M 34 CB3441 1st Edition, January 2007