HNC/HND Social Sciences

Social Science

The term Social Sciences describes the broad collection of subjects relating to the study of human society and of social relationships.

We study Social Sciences because social phenomena – the study of people, societies, behaviours and the lives that surround us – affect us in profound ways.

The HNC in Social Sciences (SCQF level 7) develops knowledge and skills in areas such as sociology, psychology and research. The HND in Social Sciences (SCQF level 8) builds on the knowledge and skills of the HNC and covers analysis and evaluation.

Candidates studying for an HNC/D Social Sciences are encouraged to ask questions and challenge assumptions about the world we live in.

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Group Award Specification

Title: HNC/HND Social Sciences
Code: GC3J 15 and GC3K 16
Date: Version 12 (April 2018)
Download: HNC/HND Social Sciences Arrangement Document (767 KB)
  Appendix 1 Core Skills Statements.doc (456 KB)

Assessment Exemplars

Internal Assessment Reports

Social Science Event 2018

The annual update will take place on Monday 5 November. The programme is being finalised, but will include an update on the revised awards and a chance to meet the external verifiers.

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Guidance Notes

HNC/D Social Sciences revalidation 2018

The HNC/D Social Sciences has been reviewed and will be revalidated in June 2018. The new awards will be available to deliver as of 1 August 2018. The current units and awards will have a finish date of 31 July 2022.

Revised units are being uploaded to the SQA web site on a rolling basis. Revisions are relatively minor.

A refreshed Group Award specification will be available in July 2018.