Assessment Exemplars 2011

LOGO: Europe and Scotland.

HN Assessment Exemplars 2011

Your centre's SQA Co-ordinator will have access to these assessment exemplars on SQA's website. Please approach them for copies.


Title Unit Number Code Edition
Economics A:  An Introduction to Economics FJ34 34 FJ34 34/AEX001 1
Economics B:  Economic Theory and Application FJ36 34 FJ36 34/AEX001 1
Economics C: Applied Economics - The Global Perspective FJ37 35 FJ37 35/AEX001 1


Title Unit Number Code Edition
Geography A:  The Geography of Inequality FJ39 34 FJ39 34/AEX001 1
Geography B:  Urban Geography FJ3A 34 FJ3A 34/AEX001 1
Geography C: Environmental Geography FJ38 35 FJ38 35/AEX001 1
Geography D: Geography Today FJ3C 35 FJ3C 35/AEX001 1


Title Unit Number Code Edition
History A:  Introducing Topics within a Historical Period FK7V 34 FK7V 34/AEX001 1
History B:  Analysing Topics within a Historical Period FK7W 34 FK7W 34/AEX001 1
History C:  Evaluating Topics within a Historical Period FK7X 35 FK7X 35/AEX001 1
History D: Specialist Study FK7T 35 FK7T 35/AEX001 1


Title Unit Number Code Edition
Philosophy A: An Introduction to Philosophical Debate FK81 34 FK81 34/AEX001 1
Philosophy B: Classic Texts in Philosophy FK82 34 FK82 34/AEX001 1


Title Unit Number Code Edition
Politics A: An Introduction to Political Theories of the State FK85 34 FK85 34/AEX001 1
Politics B: The United Kingdom and Scotland FK86 34 FK86 34/AEX001 2


Title Unit Number Code Edition
Psychology A: History and Development of Psychology FK8D 34 FK8D 34/AEX001 1
Psychology B: Explanation and Research of Psychological Topics FK8E 34 FK8E 34/AEX001 1
Psychology C: Analysis and Evaluation of Psychological Topics F8KF 35 F8KF 35/AEX001 1
Psychology D: The Research Process in Psychology FK8C 35 FK8C 35/AEX001 1

Social Sciences

Title Unit Number Code Edition
Social Sciences: Graded Unit 1 FM67 34 FM67 34/AEX001 1
Social Science: Research Issues FM0J 35 FM0J 35/AEX001 1


Title Unit Number Code Edition
Sociology A: Introduction to Sociology FK8R 34 FK8R 34/AEX001 1
Sociology B: Applying Sociological Theories and Studies to Sociological Topics FK8T 34 FK8T 34/AEX001 1
Sociology C: Analysing and Evaluating Sociological Debates FK8V 35 FK8V 35/AEX001 1
Sociology D: Specialist Study FK8P 35 FK8P 35/AEX001 1

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