Tutor Support Pack

This pack is available for download from the secure pages of this site. The SQA Co-ordinator at your centre will have password details.

SQA offers a comprehensive tutor support pack at each level containing the following:

1. Guidance on Contextualisation of Assessment

The Unit Specifications and Assessment Tasks have been developed using experience from a number of work related contexts. They offer the flexibility to cover generic components of work-related contexts, such as Health and Safety, as well as scope for sector-specific contextualisation. The Tutor Support Pack offers guidance to centres that choose to contextualise the assessments to meet the needs of a particular vocational sector.

2. The Curriculum

In this section tutors can access a mapping of SQA ESOL for Work to the ESOL Core Curriculum. In addition to the mapping tutors can access tables of appropriate discourse/text types and related classroom activities for ESOL for Work candidates, as well as vocabulary and skills grids.

3. Resources for Tutors and Teachers

  • SQA has developed a range of paper-based and e-enabled Learning Support materials to support delivery of SQA's National Qualifications in ESOL, including work-related ESOL. They are available at all levels from Entry 1 to Level 2 and can also be used to support SQA Certificates in ESOL for Work. They ecncompass a large selection of Teachers Notes, Student Notes and Listening CDs
  • Detailed references to directly related web links and published EFL/ESOL materials from Entry 1 to Level 2
  • Mapping of Tribal CTAD English in Action and English in Action at Work learning resources against SQA ESOL for Work qualifications