Step 6: Results service

The summary certificate issued to candidates lists the National Courses achieved in that diet of exams. At Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher (including PBNCs) this is in terms of grades A, B, C and D. The Units achieved are also reported on the certificate.

Standard Grade awards are shown as a grade on a seven-point scale (where one is the highest) for each subject and for each Element of the subject. (The Element grades are aggregated to give an overall grade for the subject.) Where an Element has not been completed, no overall subject award is recorded (except in special circumstances).

In addition to these Course awards, the summary certificate also records a candidate's Group Awards (eg Higher National Certificates and Diplomas, Scottish Group Awards, Scottish Vocational Qualifications); Higher National Units; Scottish Vocational Units; and any additional National Units. Details of the candidate's Core Skills profile are also listed.

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