ADR Driver Training Syllabus Review Project

When the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) took over the administration of the ADR scheme in October 2006, it was always our intention to include a review of the qualification and training structure as part of the scheme’s ongoing development.

Discussions between the Department for Transport (DfT) and SQA took place during the second half of 2007 with a view to taking this forward.  At the Dangerous Goods Driver Training and Advisory Panel meeting on 9 January 2008 the DfT announced SQA had been instructed to carry out a full and thorough review of the scheme.  SQA subsequently agreed a Project Plan with DfT in March 2008.

Whilst this review will cover every aspect of the scheme, the overriding objective is that the revised qualification structure and syllabus should be arranged in such a way that drivers sit a basic course covering the subject areas of ADR 8.2, and that the approved training programmes fully support this structure.

The purpose of this communication is therefore to set out and explain SQA’s approach to this review, and provide the dangerous goods industry with the opportunity to participate and provide us with feedback at every key stage of our Project Plan.

ADR Review 2008 - Consultation

Further to the consultation document distributed to industry stakeholders on 01 July 2008 and closed on 04 September 2008, please find below a document containing analysis of the responses received.

The consultation responses and a report were submitted to Department for Transport for consideration on the future structure of the training scheme. A decision will be made on any revisions to the scheme shortly and communicated to stakeholders.