HND Sports Therapy Assessment Exemplars

Title Unit code Publication code Edition
Applied Physiology DP63 34 CB3707 1st Edition, April 2007
Biomechanics and Movement Patterns DP64 34 CB3681 1st Edition, March 2007
Clinical Assessment of Sports Injuries DP65 35 CB3537 1st Edition, June 2007
Electrotherapy DP66 35 CB3644 1st Edition, May 2008
HND Sports Therapy Graded Unit 1 DP96 34 CB3535 1st Edition, January 2007
HND Sports Therapy Graded Unit 2 DP97 35 CB3483 1st Edition, January 2007
Plan and Deliver Exercise Based Sports Rehabilitation DP68 35 CB3536 1st Edition, March 2007
Professional Standards for Sports Therapy DP69 35 CB3534 1st Edition, January 2007
Psychology of Sports Injury DP6A 35 CB3684 1st Edition, June 2007
Sports Fitness and Return to Participation Criteria DP6C 35 CB3682 1st Edition, March 2007
Sports Massage Techniques DP8D 35 CB4706 1st Edition, September 2008
Sports Rehabilitation Principles DP61 34 CB3685 1st Edition, August 2007
Stretch Training DP2F 34 CB3463 1st Edition, January 2007
Taping Techniques for Sports Injuries DP6E 34 CB3538 1st Edition, August 2007