Sponsorship Policy

This is SQA's sponsorship policy. It gives guidance on what we can and cannot support in terms of the project itself and the organisations involved. Please read this before making an application for sponsorship. Remember that we consider every sponsorship request on its merit.

Sponsorship is "the payment of a fee or payment in kind by a company in return for the rights to a public association with an activity, item, person or property for mutual commercial benefit”. Sponsorship is a business agreement, not a gift.

Sponsorship is not a donation with nothing in return, or a discount for normal goods or services.

We will

If the sponsorship concerns an event or project outwith Scotland, we may require the SQA International brand to be used.

We will not

We would require any sponsored project to

If the project/event identifies potential customers for SQA services we would require their contact details in order to follow up with them.

If you’d like to apply for possible sponsorship support from SQA read our checklist. This includes the type of things we need to know to evaluate a sponsorship application. Use the checklist to structure your application to us.