As you work your way through a course you will know how you are doing because of the regular unit assessments. You will also gain confidence because the skills and knowledge you are building up and being assessed in are the ones you will need for your exam.

What are unit assessments?

Unit assessments will be set and marked by teachers and lecturers. Before starting a unit, teaching staff will make sure that you know what you have to learn and what you have to do to pass. This information is given in the outcomes - all outcomes have to be assessed. Teaching staff can draw on materials from the National Assessment Bank to assist them with this work and ensure that national standards are applied to all unit assessments.

You will be awarded the unit when you have passed all of the outcomes satisfactorily. And if you don't pass first time, you can do extra work and be re-assessed.

What are course assessments?

You need to pass all your unit assessments if you wish to be awarded a National Course. You also have to undertake an external assessment (exam), where your work is assessed by external examiners. Course assessment is set nationally by SQA.

The exact type of assessment will vary depending on the subject, but it might include written examination papers, project work, or practical performances.

Passes in course assessments will be graded A, B and C.