Safer Internet Day 2009

Tuesday 10 February 2009 was a landmark day in the national campaign coordinated by the UK’s Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre (CEOP) to safe guard children when on the internet. The aim of Safer Internet Day 2009 is to:

Children in Fife mark Safer Internet Day 2009

Fifedirect reports that schools in Fife marked Safer Internet Day 2009 by organising special talks and assemblies for pupils.

To mark SID 2009, CEOP has made available two new short 'assemblies'. These are original, thought provoking films which give the very latest online safety advice from CEOP within 10 minutes. The assemblies, which are supported by comprehensive guidance notes, suggested lesson plans and child protection information, are available to teachers registering on the Think U Know website GRAPHIC: Web Link icon - accessing this link will open a new window.. There are different assemblies for both primary and secondary school audiences.

SQA supports safer surfing

Our Internet Safety Intermediate 1 Unit (F0H5 10) provides added value to CEOP's safe-guarding materials through offering you the opportunity to determine an internet user's level of understanding of internet safety issues.  Our Internet Safety Unit offers online learning and assessment and is the only qualification of its kind available in the UK. Schools are recognising the benefits and importance of the Internet Safety Unit in the safe guarding of pupils. Last session every second year pupil at Airdrie Academy took the Internet Safety course with excellent results.

Minimum start up time and effort needed

Support available for schools offering our Internet Safety Unit includes a Delivery Guide and an Assessment Support Pack, which give detailed advice on how to deliver and assess the qualification. A text book written by the consultant who developed the qualification is also available from publishers Leckie and Leckie.

Web-based learning materials created specifically for the award are available now through a link on our Solar website.

Simple, slick, time saving assessment

To achieve our Internet Safety Award candidates must successfully complete a two part assessment.

The first part, which provides evidence of knowledge and understanding, is an online Multiple Choice Test which is automatically marked. The second part covers the assessment of the practical skills involved in the use of the internet. This is evidenced by a log recording the candidates’ internet activity during the course, which is scrutinised and signed off by the assessor.  A variety of media can be used to create the log, including a paper or electronic diary or a blog. 

An Assessment Support Pack is available along with online assessment testing, which is accessed via our Solar website. Centres are encouraged to use online testing and should contact Joan Morris (e-mail:, tel: 0345 213 5405) for access and training.

Achievement of the qualification is recorded on candidates’ Scottish Qualification Certificate. 

The entry charge is the same as NQ Units at £7.25 — a small price to pay to help safe guard your candidates when on the internet.

Everything your school needs to introduce and deliver the Internet Safety Unit with the minimum of  additional hassle, effort and expense.

Problems with Cyberbullying?

Social networking websites are a source of concern. Our Social Software Intermediate 2 Unit (DW7J 11) offers further safe guarding for pupils. This deals with internet issues associated with social networking and as such compliments our Internet Safety Unit. Assessment of this qualification is currently paper based — it is not yet available in an online format.

An Assessment Support Pack is available to download from our secure website to help you deliver and assess this Unit.  

New National Progression Award under consideration

In the interest of safe guarding users on the internet we are considering introducing a new National Progression Award (NPA) in Social Software. This would consist of two Intermediate 1 level Units covering internet safety and online social networking issues. To help establish if you see a need for such a qualification and if you would be interested in offering this award and would like to be kept informed about developments, please contact our Business Development and Customer Support Team to register your interest.

Business Development & Customer Support Team
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