Higher National and Scottish Vocational Qualifications 2008

Entries and awards for Higher National and Scottish Vocational Qualifications, 2007 and 2008

  Entries Awards
  2007 2008 2007 2008
Higher National Units (HN Unit) 430,198 441,886 359,905 358,510
Higher National Certificates (HNC) 17,819 17,879 12,631 11,679
Higher National Diplomas (HND) 13,638 14,056 7,998 7,948
Scottish Vocational Qualifications (awarded by SQA) (SVQ) 45,356 44,232 35,212 34,102
Professional Development Awards (PDA) 3,091 3,200 2,273 1,847
Professional Development Awards (New PDA) - 739 - 258
Workplace Professional Development Awards (Workplace PDA) 7,142 7,035 6,362 6,462

HN Units (2008)

Total HN Unit entries increased by 3% in 2008. There was almost no change in the total number of awards.

There was an even split by gender in entries for HN Units.

The largest number of HN Units entries were in the Superclasses of Business/Management/Office Studies, and Information Technology and Information.

The proportion of HN Unit entries for learners in centres outwith Scotland was 17%.

HNCs (2008)

There was a small decrease in entries in 2008 compared to 2007. Awards decreased by 8%.

There were more entries for female (55%) than male learners (45%).

Social Care, Early Education and Childcare, and Administration and Information Technology had the most entries.

Almost all entries (99%) came from learners in centres located within Scotland.

HNDs (2008)

The number of HND entries in 2008 rose by 3%. Awards fell slightly, by 1%.

There were more entries from male (52%) than female learners (48%).

Business, Global Trade and Business, and Accounting had the highest number of entries at HND level.

There were 3,073 entries (22% of the total uptake) from centres outwith Scotland.

SVQs (awarded by SQA) (2008)

SVQ entries and awards decreased in 2008 by 2% and 3%, respectively.

Half of all entries and awards were at level 2, and around 40% were at level 3.

There were more entries from female learners (51%) than from males (49%).

The level 2 SVQs in Health and Social Care, and Health and Social Care (Adults) had the most entries in 2008, a total of 7,682 (17% of all entries).

Almost all SVQ entries (99%) were from centres within Scotland.

PDAs (2008)

From 2007 to 2008 there was an increase in PDA entries (2%) but a decrease in awards (19%).

Overall, there were more entries for males (60%) than females (40%).

The Advanced Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery, and the Diploma in Police Service Leadership and Management had the most entries.

Almost all entries (99%) came from learners in centres located within Scotland.

New PDAs (2008)

From August 2007, new Professional Development Awards were introduced. There were 739 entries and 258 awards made in 2008.

Overall, there were more entries for females (66%) than males (34%).

The new PDA with the most entries was an Introduction to Tutoring in Adult Literacies Learning (190 entries).

All but three entries came from learners in centres located within Scotland.

Workplace PDAs (2008)

Entries in Workplace PDAs in 2008 decreased by 1%, but awards increased by 2%.

There were considerably more entries from male learners (65%) than from females (35%).

The two most popular Workplace PDAs were Classroom Assistant, and Assessing Candidates Using a Range of Methods.

There were 808 entries (11% of the total) from centres outwith Scotland.

There’s more information on all of these qualifications in the Annual Statistical Report 2008, tables HN1-15, OS HN 1-9b, VQ1-6, OS VQ1-3b, PDA 1-9 and tables OS PDA 1-15.

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