Scottish Baccalaureates - approval and quality assurance

Scottish Baccalaureates Interdisciplinary Projects: A Guide to Quality Assurance Processes for Centres and their Representatives (324 KB)

Interdisciplinary Project Unit Approval

The approval application form (IP1) for the Interdisciplinary Project Unit can be accessed by using the following link.

Guidance notes on completing the form can be accessed by using the following link.

Approval for the Interdisciplinary Project will automatically trigger approval for the corresponding Scottish Baccalaureate on the SQA system.

Centres wishing to deliver an Interdisciplinary Project Unit for the first time should submit their IP1 form as soon as possible and no later than 28 September 2018.

If you have any queries about the approval process for the Interdisciplinary Project Unit, please e-mail:

Note about school/college partnerships:

If a college is delivering the Interdisciplinary Project on behalf of a school, and the school wishes to make the (group award) Baccalaureate entry, both the school and the college will require approval for the Interdisciplinary Project Unit.

The school should complete an IP1 form, describing the partnership agreement. This will gain them approval for the Interdisciplinary Project, and will also trigger approval for the Scottish Baccalaureate.

Entries for the Baccalaureate can then be made by the school, and entries for the Interdisciplinary Project  by the college. Our systems will tie the entries together.

A short presentation on the approval and quality assurance processes supporting the Scottish Baccalaureates can be accessed by using the following link.