Candidate Recording Forms (501 - 550)

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Title Unit No
Develop and implement operational plans for your area of responsibility
501 (230 KB)
Manage a project
502 (253 KB)
Manage your own resources and professional development
503 (240 KB)
Communicate effectively
504 (212 KB)
Organise planning and review meetings in food manufacture
505 (221 KB)
Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
506 (228 KB)
Enable individual learning through coaching
510 (222 KB)
Enable learning through demonstrations and instructions
511 (221 KB)
Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility
512 (256 KB)
Monitor and maintain required standards of conduct in food manufacture
513 (223 KB)
Recruit, select and keep colleagues
514 (242 KB)
Manage and store information
516 (221 KB)
Interpret and communicate information and data in food manufacture
517 (216 KB)
Plan how to improve your sales and marketing
518 (247 KB)
Improve your sales and marketing
519 (229 KB)
Implement business to business motivation activity
520 (212 KB)
Monitor and solve customer service problems
521 (203 KB)
Monitor and evaluate customer service in food manufacture
522 (252 KB)
Monitor product quality in food manufacture
523 (214 KB)
Carry out sampling for quality control in food manufacture
524 (223 KB)
Carry out testing for quality control in food manufacture
525 (232 KB)
Monitor and control quality of work activities in food manufacture
526 (218 KB)
Monitor and control throughput to achieve targets in food manufacture
527 (237 KB)
Implement and evaluate an improvement programme in food manufacture
528 (230 KB)
Carry out quality audits in food manufacture
529 (232 KB)
Raise food safety awareness in manufacture
530 (221 KB)
Monitor food safety at critical control points in manufacture
531 (220 KB)
Contribute to continuous improvement of food safety in manufacture
532 (221 KB)
Control and monitor safe supply of raw materials and ingredients in food manufacture
534 (220 KB)
Monitor procedures to control risk to health and safety
535 (232 KB)
Promote a health and safety culture within the workplace
536 (222 KB)
Conduct an assessment of risks in the workplace
537 (245 KB)
Maintain, promote and improve environmental good practice in food manufacture
538 (219 KB)
Monitor health, safety and environmental systems in food manufacture
541 (230 KB)
Support commissioning of plant, equipment and processes in food manufacture
542 (219 KB)
Maintain plant and equipment in food manufacture
543 (237 KB)
Develop test samples in food manufacture
545 (240 KB)
Develop product specifications in food manufacture
547 (217 KB)
Organise the receipt and storage of goods in food manufacture
548 (225 KB)
Monitor and maintain storage conditions in food manufacture
549 (205 KB)
Monitor stored goods and materials in food manufacture
550 (201 KB)