Flexible Learning

SQA has a wide range of freestanding Units, many of which deliver our CfE values and principles. ‘Units’ are the ‘building blocks’ SQA uses to make up Courses and Group Awards.

Every qualification we develop is made up of Units, which can also be used in their own right. These are available across all levels, from Access 1 through to Advanced Higher (SCQF levels 1-7). They can be used individually, together or even to supplement existing Courses and meet the needs of learners.

An example is the flexibility offered by Higher National Units. These qualifications have been developed by SQA in partnership with colleges, universities and industry. They provide both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Some even allow direct entry into the second or third year of a degree course.

More than 1,000 courses (made up of groups of these Units) are on offer in popular areas such as Business Administration, Information and Office Management, Travel and Tourism, and Engineering.

Other Units include Modern Languages for Work Purposes, Preparation for Audition, Creative Project (which helps develop expertise in the generation, development, completion and presentation of a project to a given brief) and Humanism (which provides a broad overview Humanism and various Humanist approaches).