Contract termination

1. Introduction

              The appointee contract termination guidelines aim to ensure that SQA operates a fair, consistent and transparent procedure for termination of appointee contracts.

2. Scope

              These guidelines apply to all appointment types and to the following situations:

3. Guidelines

4. Procedure for termination by SQA — Performance issues

 Identified performance related issues will be managed within the business areas as appropriate. In situations where further action is required the following will apply:

5. Procedures for termination by SQA – Gross Misconduct

An Appointee contract may be terminated without notice if, after investigation, it is deemed that the appointee has committed an offence of the following type:

6. Procedure for termination by the Appointee

7. Procedure for termination of fixed term contracts

All appointees should note that on completion of a fixed term contract all contractual obligations with SQA cease and there is no guarantee further contracts will be issued.

Guidelines Review Date: August 2017

Guidelines Owner: Head of Appointee Management